Get out of town for Fall MacCamp 2023!
Friday October 20th — Sunday 22nd 2023.

Come join us in fabulous Sandy, Oregon for MacCamp, a weekend-long experience focusing on in-depth instruction and hands-on training opportunities far beyond the General Meeting presentations. The friendly social atmosphere (with great snacks and available hot tub) provides additional learning opportunities and the frequent occurrences of new friendships.

The fall is when Apple usually releases new versions of their operating systems, and we are planning to cover macOS 14 Sonoma, iOS & iPadOS 17, as well as a class on getting the most of iPhone/iPad photography using the camera app.

More details to follow.

Oral Hull Main Hall, location for Mac Camp Classes
Date Activity

October 20

Check-in, Dinner, Orientation.
Saturday October 21


Saturday October 21
Morning Class - John Eric Lutz - iPhone Photography Tips

Come to our next MacCamp to learn how to take and edit your photographs to make them more pleasing to see and share with others.

The presentation will be divided in 3 parts

-Adjust various settings in your iPhone to produce better looking photos (and save you some memory space).

-Learn how to compose a photograph for maximum impact.

-Learn how to edit your photos to bring out the best in them. There will be demonstrations and plenty of time for Q&A.

Saturday October 21
Lunch, Group Photo
Saturday October 21
Afternoon Class - Joshin Yamada - macOS 14 "Sonoma"

Providing that Apple has released the newest Operating System by the time of MacCamp, we will learn:

-Will there be new widgets?

-How to organize web browsing in Safari by creating Safari Profiles

-New effects for video conferencing and presentations

-Enhancements to the Notes app with support for PDFs and more

Saturday October 21
Sunday October 22

Sunday October 22

Morning Class - Steve Riggins - iOS 17 new and improved features

-Does autocorrect actually work in iOS 17?

-Have you heard that you can share passwords with iCloud family members?

-Messages has UI (user interface) changes, as does the iPhone app.

-There is a new live voice mail feature and a way to use your phone as a full screen clock/calendar.

-Choose how people see you when you call them.

We will cover these features and many more at our iOS 17 MacCamp Extravaganza!