Virtual Spring MacCamp

Camp with the Comfort of Your Own Bed

Join Us the Weekend of April 17th-18th!

Get a virtual taste of the MacCamp Experience – for only a $10 donation to your favorite charity. This is a suggested donation that you may do at your own discretion.

A New Kind of MacCamp Virtual Experience

It is hard to believe that this is MacCamp 72. When the first MacCamp happened in the fall of 1985 we are pretty sure no one thought about it lasting twice a year for 36 years. We will be meeting via Zoom again, and look forward to sharing ideas. The connections and camaraderie that happens in an actual meet—up are far superior to that of a virtual meeting. That being said, we are thankful to be in touch with so many of our computer friends.

How it Works

To accomplish this, MacCamp will be broken into two parallel tracks (aka Rooms), with a variety of activities in each one. Using the Zoom App on your Mac or iOS device, you will be able to jump between the activities at any time.
The MacCamp PDF schedule which you will receive after registering contains the URL links for the two meeting rooms. Clicking these links brings you into the session of your choice.

To register, Send an email to
(You will receive your registration material after April 10th)
  • Get a virtual taste of the MacCamp Experience
  • Easily move between activities by clicking on URL links in the forthcoming schedule which PMUG will email to you. One link will be for the topics above, and the other will be for open format socializing.
  • Come and go as you please— you’re in charge of where you go and how long you stay. 
  • Mealtimes are not shown above, but there are breaks at noon for lunch. 
  • Send an email to to receive the registration material.